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Civil Engineering

Working with bricks and mortar is a civil engineering professional. Although the field is different from the rest, the field has great deal of demand due to urbanization and surge in construction industry. Civil engineers with authentic degrees can have great demand.

Civil engineering is the application of physical and scientific principles for solving the problems of society, and its history is intricately linked to advances in the understanding of physics and mathematics throughout history. Because civil engineering is a wide-ranging profession, including several specialized sub-disciplines, its history is linked to knowledge of structures, materials science, geography, geology, soils, hydrology, environment, mechanics and other fields

OUR Vision

To be the center of technical education for Diploma Engineering students to cater the needs of Socio industrial requirements.

OUR Mission

1) To impart technical skills among students

2) To create favorable teaching learning environment by providing necessary facilities Developing relevant psychomotor and cognitive competencies in individuals.

3) To inculcate professional ethics & social awareness.

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